REALsync 1MP 19" MR191 Medical 系列 強勢登場

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What is "Powered by JVC"?



As a leading technological innovator, JVCKENWOOD has a long history of success with JVC
branded visualization products in the professional market. TOTOKU branded technologies have inspired the creation
of better solutions for the medical imaging market.

“Powered by JVC”represents the integration of TOTOKU medical imaging with 
advanced JVC image processing technologies.

These new “Powered by JVC” products bring higher performance and more 
value to the people in the medical field.


“Powered by JVC”代表TOTOKU醫療影像與JVC影像處理技術的整合。

這些新的“Powered by JVC”產品將為醫療領域注入更高的績效表現與價值。